Oink Gallery in Swindon

I am really happy to announce that Oink Gallery in Swindon are stocking some of my work, this is currently the only place in the UK you can view my work.

This is a great gallery space with some fantastic pieces of art for sale.

Oink will have the wall of Lipsticks on show. “Painting by Numbers” is a collection of meticulously researched vintage and contemporary lipsticks, matched for colour and tube style. Each tablet is framed and has a peep hole as the back to show my marks and the data on each tile. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a BOND GIRL (Charlotte Tilbury contemporary lipstick) or a METALLIC GRANDMA (Biba 1960’s and discontinued) they are all there.  Mark is offering some good discounts on multiple buys on the lipsticks too!

In addition to the wall of lipsticks with them will be 1986 ZOOM, THE UNITED COLOURS OF DISARMAMENT, STRAWBERRY MIVVI AND MRS. WHIPPY. Any questions do not hesitate to ping me a message or ask Mark to Skype linkup with me in the studio here in Granada to the gallery in Swindon!