Kitty Shepherd


Kitty Shepherd is an internationally recogised British studio potter and ceramic artist known for her bold use of colour with slip. She describes the natural world and popular iconography in a way that is totally unique in the ceramic discipline. Her studios are in Granada, Spain.

Fuelled by a global culture Kitty is increasingly focused on the tracking down of things and on the attachment of emotions to these objects. Within her discipline she has become a collector of all kinds of objects and material.

Her ideas come to life in her work to form interesting connections between familiar iconic images. The result is a form of art as play, involving the reframing of objects within a world of attention and manipulation of context; a context standing in a metaphorical relation to the world of everyday life. Very Freudian and very fetishistic and entertaining to the viewer.

“I believe that many of the objects we are attracted to today have been with us all of our lives. They may live deep inside our DNA, quite literally the fabric of who we are. I continually ask myself what are my favourite things and also the following questions: Why these objects? What power do they hold for me? What meaning? What memories do they conjure up? What emotions? And most importantly, what stories do I tell myself about them and through them? How have they become a part of who I am and what part of me do I leave behind in them?”

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