The United Colours of Disarmament Lipstick Vase

The Lipstick Vase – Made 2017 – Sold to private collection

‘The Colours of Disarmament’ was completed at the end of 2016 and fired in the early months of 2017, it is coil built in red Staffordshire Earthenware clay and decorated with coloured slips. Slip trailing, painting and scraffito techniques were used in the decoration.

This theme has developed as a response and a desire to record nostalgia.  Initially Kitty intended this piece to be bigger. However, once starting it she felt that the complexity of the imagery needed to be captured on a smaller piece.  The fragility of the vessel combined with the conflicting nostalgia and melodrama is reverential in this piece. The painstaking devotion to the painting of the background is as important as the story it tells.

The collection of lipsticks continues with the Lipstick Tablets, a collection of 50 different lipsticks, colours and tubes from the 1940’s to date is in the planning for 2022.