Transmission Test Card B

Oh no, another repeat on the box……we interrupt programs and return to the test card for the foreseeable future. I am properly obsessed.
This is the second version, I have loaded the image up at quite a high resolution for the potters among you who might want to look at it closely (click the image). I have applied the slips very carefully this time and have even burnished the circle section. The outer boarder is actually black and dark grey but does not give the same effect as the burnished areas. Each lozenge of slip is cut in to the grid with a blunt tool, I like this effect. However it has taken me 4 hours to do and the plate is only 16 cm square! As before it is the cobalt in the last colour block for the royal blue which develops in the kiln.
The kiln is on now with Test Card A and the set of tiles, amongst other things. It is getting too hot to work in there now and there is not much relief outside either. Glazing tomorrow.