Today In Granada

We just had to get out of the workshop today as we were getting cabin and mountain fever, I know they are beautiful but every day it starts to make you desperate for a bit of city life. Snow is forecast for the high ground and it will be damp, the Harley ride out has been cancelled for tomorrow so it must be official.
Picture above is me calling back to Kirstie, and she has snapped me on her camera!

This fountain is always gushing water it was a real treat to see in a static state today as these beautiful statues are normally veiled by a curtain of falling water.

A very typical Andalusian house called a Sharon ( there I go again it is a Carmen) ….I made a terrible mistake once and called them Tracey’s! The internal courtyard is very elegant and I would love to live in a house like this.

Outside this extraordinary church Virgen de las Angustias in Carrera Genil is a wall with a small statue of Our Lady surrounded by photographs. Inside the church takes your breath away with its opulence.

In the vestry round the back I found this lovely stone sink.