The Art of Framing

The job of framing is really hard. I have the tiles in an almost ready state for the framers and I need to decide on the right way to do this. Originally I had thought that the frames would be black, but now I can view them all laid out I can see that this is not the right way forward at all. Also after visiting Ceramic Art London a few weeks ago I go the chance to see the tiles of Clare Crouchman which were beautifully framed.

It feels and looks right to change to a white frame, painted with a Farrow and Ball paint; Wimbourne White. First prototypes are encouraging although I need to close the gap up further to surround the tablet more. Below are the frame options, exploded views.

The wall of lipsticks will be arranged as 10 tablets by 5. The framed tablet will measure approximately 12.5 cm x 16 cm. I am going to need a big space!

Exploded view

Close up edge 7mm + 3mm

Prototype 1

Prototype 2