Strawberry Mivvi Lolly Jar

Strawberry Mivvi Jar

Made 2016 – Sold to private collection

With an ice-cream centre and a fruity ice outer shell, Mivvi Ice Creams on a stick were originally made by Lyons Maid in the mid-1950s. At first they were only available in orange but later strawberry and raspberry were added as alternative flavours.

The Mivvi Ice creams formed the starting point to further works investigating ideas associated with nostalgia. The first Mivvi jar was the Orange Mivvi and was swiftly followed by the strawberry.

Red pigments used in this piece are cadmium based, red is one of the most expensive metal oxides used in ceramics, blue is the cheapest, hence the overwhelming quantities of blue and white china.

Hand coiled Staffordshire Earthenware cutting in scraffito techniques with slip layering and trailing. Glazed with a transparent high gloss glaze to 1120°C firing.