Lipstick Jar – Painting by Numbers

Painting By Numbers – A Lipstick Jar Dec 2018.  Available

This is a current studio piece and part of the ongoing study and collection of work on ‘Restorative Nostalgia’.

This piece is the result of a large body of work which has developed as a response and a desire to create a factual record of lipstick names. As a result, unexpected urban stories are revealed within each name. A lot of research both in terms of ceramic colour and lipstick history has gone into the finished pieces. The tubes fall into contemporary, vintage and discontinued categories. Every tube of lipstick records the actual name, the colours and tubes of these small icons are all faithful renditions of their original form.

Hand coiled Staffordshire Earthenware cutting in scraffito techniques with slip layering and trailing. Glazed with a transparent high gloss glaze to 1120°C firing.

Date completed 2018-12-20.