The Lipstick tablets ‘Painting by Numbers’ 1 – 35

Made in 2017-18 – Installation sold to a private collection

Recording the lipstick has become a major research project spanning almost three years. Primarily it has involved my locating all the lipsticks in each collection, they are chosen for a variety of reasons, mainly it is the name which I am interested in. Each tube has been colour matched and undergone many test firings using different slip combination. The first wall of Lipsticks, 1 to 35, sold as a whole wall installation to a private collector. I am working on the second collection of 50 tiles which will be finished in May 2022.

All the tablets are a recreation of the original lipsticks from historic and contemporary make-up collections. The names are accurately researched and so are the tubes and colours. More can be read about these items here.

Handmade from red Staffordshire Earthenware clay and painted with coloured slips. Glazed with a transparent high gloss glaze to 1120°C oxidation firing.