Jelly Babies Jar

Made in 2017 Sold to private collection

Keep smiling!
This piece was conceived 6 months before work began and planned meticulously with endless strips of paper Jelly Babies  – As usual it is all about nostalgia – everybody keep smiling!

I made this because Doctor Who ate Jelly Babies! The Doctor would offer them to strangers in order to defuse tense situations, they were always carried around in a simple white paper bag, this is the BBC and product placement would not do at all. The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi,  stored his Jelly Babies in a cigarette case and this intrigues me to the point of some new work with the dusty babies.

The history of the Jelly Baby here.

This one is coil built in red Staffordshire Earthenware clay and decorated with coloured slips. Slip trailing, painting and scraffito techniques were used in the decoration. It is the first piece to be made on this theme. Glazed with a transparent high gloss glaze to 1120°C oxidation firing.