Domestic Bliss

Made in 2008 this vase is the second in a series of Dyson pots which I started in 2006.

My obsession with drawing the Dyson Vacuum cleaner began when I first had a Dyson in 2000.I had existed for years with a 1970’s Ewbank carpet sweeper so when the Dyson arrived it was like a glamorous monster come to revolutionise dust in a truly miraculous way in my home. It became a person in its own right in the house, being too big to fit in an under-stairs cupboard it lived in full view in the dining room, like my very own synthetic human.

Domestic Bliss was acquired by Plymouth City Art Gallery and is in their permanent display.

Hand coiled Staffordshire Earthenware cutting in scraffito techniques with slip layering and trailing. Glazed with a transparent high gloss glaze to 1120°C firing.