Sting Ray Day

The Swallows are fine and Stan is the biggest, none have fallen out of the nest yet and feeding is constant.
In the pottery today I have worked on this ray dish scratching away at the blue grey slip, I started it yesterday so it has in fact taken me, with the build, three days to get to this stage, but I have been doing other things too. Tomorrow I will put on some copper and then it is off to the kiln with it. Working out my return on these dishes I am not making very much money. Should I give up (?) no, not yet I might get faster at making them. If I really crunch this down into man hours I suppose it is 20 hours to end product, this one is going to sell for £300, after gallery split, well best not to think about it really because of course all the clay, glaze and electricity is absolutely free! I HAVE to speed up the processing, the question is HOW?