Snowed In Day 4 New Socks

The champagne truffles have been located, they were not in the car but were whipped out from nowhere with an enthusiastic flourish by my dear husband after I had cooked an impressive meal last night with only a drop of oil (we are very low on olive oil too). I was beginning to think they had been stolen by a silent maniac with no footprints. Now I am caught in the act of photographing the truffles, I said I am keeping a record of them, so of course we had to have another one while we wait for the next dump of snow.

I am alarmed by the snow and the scant food supplies, I really thought we would get out today and now Andrew has broken out his new socks. Should I take this as a sign that we are doomed? He can hold onto a pair of new socks for up to a year savouring them in his top draw! Will he meet his maker in new socks? Come to think of it, should I put on my new vest?

The four of us have spent the morning digging out the cars. Andrew and I thought we might get to break-out once we got the car on the drive, it was a complete failure, the car is just too low for the height of the snow. We managed about twenty meters with a lot of sliding and then had to get the car back again. A lot of effort in new socks for nothing. I’ll let you know if I get my vest out!