Snowed In Day 3

We are still snowed in. Rations were getting low but look here, the 4 wheel drive cavalry arrived with a bag of food, such handsome cavalry I hear you say! Oh I know, so gorgeous.

So here I have, a very large fresh chicken, six large eggs, a bottle of milk, a box of muesli, a bottle of wine (nice wine), apple juice, tea, coffee, pasta and two tins of tomatoes. Add to this to the things I purloined from Josie’s pantry; bacon, cheese, stock and a cup of flour. And then what was left my pantry; potatoes (4lbs), onions (2), carrots (2), turnips (3), leeks (2), and a bottle of champagne. Andrew has a box of Fortnum’s chocolate truffles hidden somewhere which he says he is saving until his cold goes away completely…well quite – WHY!

See how snug we are in here. More snow is forecast for Sunday and Granada had snow last night too. Recipe suggestions please and could they involve the elusive truffles.