The Shop Window

Today you have a picture of my local shop window display, although I say display in the loosest sense of the word. This shop in fact sells everything from cheese to hair dye, from shoes to hams, and formaldehyde to rat poison. And their only shop front and window, shown here, is always worth a picture.
Whoever does this display obviously feels they have some authority on window dressing, as illustrated by the shimmering pleated back drop of very theatrical fabric (they don’t sell fabric) and the green crepe paper (available for purchase in cents but also marked in Peseta) is faded on all edges by time.
This is a very full window for what is going to be a busy week on the streets Spain. As you see it is presenting, in the hoopla style, a cross range of cleaning products for home and some for personal hygiene. The usual arrangement is to keep to just the one discipline, household being the favorite and usually themed into laundry or blocked drains, never a confusion like we are seeing here, must be the Easter madness. With all the amazing things this shop has to offer I am at a loss to know why they insist on displaying bleach (note the jaunty angle) and, yes, you spotted it, Tampax!