The Shop Window returns

It’s shop window time again, regular readers may remember this window, it is one of a pair which I occasionally photograph for your delight.

So here we have very carefully crafted paper-quill bees which I think are probably what this window is all about, however to say that they are the lynch pin of this assorted display is probably going too far. The multi paper card leaning up at the back crops up in almost every window display they do, all I can say is there must be a real demand for rah-rah gingham edging and silk bullion cord in this village. NB The three strips of curling patterned paper are purely there for window dressing purposes.

The theme I think is that of the needle and thread. The clever zip display, the balls of knitting wool and the embroidery haberdashery all sit well with the lace and the needles in packets. But what are those two scraps in the front, they literally look like a couple of leftovers off the gold and silver lame braid roll. It is obviously so expensive they could only snip off a couple of centimeters, it’s not like it fades (mores the pity)!

The same restraint is not in evidence with the hosiery addition to the window, we clearly have opened packets on show here; and this is where the window begins to fall apart. In fact all these windows (and I have been snapping them for a while) have some random element to them. In this case it is definitely the half insoles that are the odd ones out here. I wonder if maybe the button cupboard is now off limits to the dresser, but then she would have never been able to follow those strict rules of structure and flow with buttons and the manikin’s leg does lend a sense of reality and authority to the window.