The Shop Window (again)

Fiesta time in the our nearest big town and once again the window dresser outdoes herself with this stunning collection of laundry and household cleaning products that quite frankly just draw you in off the street. It makes you want to throw all caution to the wind and blow your entire housekeeping budget on such well known products as LUZIL soap powder and bleach that comes in snot green gallon plastic bottles. It is also a comfort to know that Cillit Bang translates across the language barrier, maybe this is the very country it was designed for because for me its brand name does not really inspire thoughts of a powerful cleaning product.

The haberdashery window is also a delight to behold. Colour coordinated thread and buttons, rickrack edgings and embroidery skeins randomly strewn. And is that a forgotten hoopla I see on the left, a sly reference to the hoopla style of window dressing so religiously observed by this shop? The galleon ships are obviously some abstract reference to rigging and thread, either that or they are just completely random!