16 days Earlier

I feel like I have been away from Granada for ever. It was in fact just 16 days but I did pack a whole lot in to this particular leap back to the future. First job was to vote in the UK elections, we got back on Election Day to scoop up our polling cards and rush down to the voting booths.

Second job was to deliver all my work to the gallery. With a day to spare before the preview I immersed myself in telly-vision; an experience intrinsically linked to my kind of time travel and one I really only experience when in this mode. Real time telly keeps me enthralled and with the election too I was boring about it to be honest.
My pots looked different to me in the gallery, they always do, it is like I see them for the first time once the pots and I have been separated. I think they were very difficult to display, I have not shown flat ware before so there was a sort of conflict going on with them and the flat paintings. My jars are much easier to display, that said, a lot sold. The photographs top and below are of the inaugural preview of Square One Art in Arundel. This is a new gallery venture by Andrea Schulewitz. Top shot was a happy accident and I LOVE it, (very Joy Division) the red sculpture is by Andrea. The opening artists are Neale Howells and Noe Baba and they still have a couple of weeks to run, see it if you can.Anne Sutton and Neale Howells at Square 1 Art Quilts 1700 – 2010

I also went to see the quilts exhibition at the V&A too. Quilts 1700 – 2010 is a mesmerising collection of stitches, appliqué and patchwork beds galore. Once I had got over the poor lighting and the cold air jets (reasons explained to me patiently by my museums daughter) I settled down to ravish my eyes on this incredible collection. I did however have to read out several of the explanatory boards to those who hadn’t availed themselves of the audio kit available at the door. I feel my Joyce Grenfell impersonation was better than anything on offer from the headsets quite frankly. And really the gathered gawping needed the stimulation because the dimmed lights and the dormitory of beds was enough to reduce even the most hardened exhibition goer to a stupor and a desire to climb in and tuck up. Quilt photographs by Caroline Briggs see BBC slide show here
Finally I had my 50th birthday in May and so did my husband. We rented a huge house and had a house party, but more barmy than that we bought each other another Harley Davidson (see last post). Then we made the rash decision to leave the car behind in England and ride back to Spain. Our luggage went on ahead of us and we hit the open road. One word; EPIC! It was and continues to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. Below; loading at Portsmouth with the lorries and a lot of other bikes, the noise was deafening.