Pots of the Day

The flowerpot stunt – I always was the dangerous type. I am scanning the entire family photograph albums and I am somewhere in 1966 here I think. I have done about 200 and I have only covered twenty years; the early ones of my Mother have been wonderful. Cropping them on the computer has been like seeing them for the first time as they come up so huge on my monitor the details have been marvelous. This is one of her feeding her sister strawberries; it must date from the very early 1950’s.

My Grandfather was a very keen photographer he developed and printed all his own pictures. I am really appreciating his snipping now as the photographic papers are not very square. The albums are huge and heavy, the pictures are all copydexed into old Christmas card albums. My flat bed scanner with detachable cover is really coming into its own now, I can tell you.