News Letter

I now know where all the time goes; its things like accounts and the marketing. This is the first build of my new news letter, please sign up for it here if you are interested in receiving a missive every few months and it could be months before I actually decide on a version I like.

I am trying to keep it really simple, it is just another way of keeping in touch and distributing news. It won’t be in Latin by the way, that is designer filler..apparently (eyes roll up to the ceiling, I have to live with this). New addition is a Spanish translation on the home page. Oh, this is news isn’t it, I should have saved that bit. Never mind you heard it here first.

I am also working on a video diary which is going to be a hoot, let me tell you all previous attempts have been hilarious. I need to buy some serious editing software before I go any further otherwise the full boring unedited version could be out there at cinema near you, not suitable for a nervous disposition!

Dull in Andalusia today, the first clouds we have seen for weeks and weeks.