A New Jar for Four Birds

This is a coiled leather-hard jar and I am creating a background pattern using paper resist. The shapes are cut out with scissors, it is best to find 70 gram paper if you can, the thinner the better. I cut out many more than I think I am going to need and always use them all, it is very difficult to break off applying them and cut out more.

I have layered about 5 coats of white slip onto the pot and while the last layer is still wet I stick the papers to the surface pushing them down really flat and pasting another layer of the white over the top of them. Once covered, I apply a contrasting coloured slip, several coats. Before it dries I pick off the paper, very satisfying. Tomorrow I will blog the next stage. The book on the side is Matisse, he is always a master when it comes to cutting out paper shapes.
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