New Exhibition June 2014


This is the courtyard to the gallery Cidi Hiaya in
Granada where I am going to be showing some work next year as part of a group
exhibition called “Perspectivas Britannicas”.

It is a very beautiful old Carmen in the heart of Granada
city, the exhibition space is good and seems to be very well lit with an
abundance of while plinths. There is a permanent exhibition area that I recommend
for a visit, the art work there is good and the prices are not too high.
The courtyard is policed by two identical black cats with
yellow eyes that revolve around the glass fronted window seats halfway up the
Carmen. I couldn’t manage to catch them with my camera (wrong camera and they
moved too fast). This area is clearly their garden and they were very suspicious furious about anyone in it without them being there.
I will keep you up to date with what I intend to make for
this space, but my initial feelings are to produce Ginger Jars.