Mivvi Jars all fired and ready to go!

The Mivvi Jars made it through the firing, it was all touch and go for a while though.

I lost my electric connection to the kiln and had to have in reinstalled, this meant that I needed to be upgraded to a huge metal meter box, in the meantime all the armoured cable was stolen from the triple phase spur so this had to be replaced too.

First firing I thought was going to be easy, but I overfired by 100 degrees leaving the contents very strongly fired and potentially a problem to glaze. With no other choice other than to take a hammer to them I went for the dip and glazed them. With a heavy heart the kiln went back on. Surprise result last night to see them absolutely perfectly glossing and without a blemish in sight.

So, do I do this method again? I think I might. For the potters: 1107 °C for the biscuit and 1107 °C glaze! Shouldn’t have worked, but it did.

This is Jeremy Chivers the pottery cat who got in on the photography and felt that he should be featured as he is of the opinion that the plate behind him is all about his contrary ways and stunning personality!