May Day in Sussex

The sun has been out and Bill is sunbathing here, a bit overexposed so you can’t make out the spots on his tummy, I will try harder with my new camera.
This fantastic ditch I came across yesterday one of the best I have been in for years.
Finally the beautiful yellow golden Paeony Mlokosewitschii Ranunculaceae, Molly the Witch. I can’t pronounce the name (I’ll have to practice it in the bath); it is one of the classic garden plants. It has glaucous, bluish-green leaves, and shows this glorious, single, lemon-yellow flower up to 5 inches across with hundreds of golden stamens like heavy Victorian bullion fringe, in the middle the pink stigmas. I think I am going to fill up my computer memory with all the plants I plan to photograph in this beautiful garden.