The last Pot “Origin”

I am quickly putting this up as I HAVE to get back to work on it. This is the Darwin Pot – well everything ends in Darwin and it ties together all the work for Iceland. My daughter has just told me via e mail from her museum desk in England that Darwin killed a fox with his geology hammer! Interesting, I will let you know if I get anymore on this story, she is a natural history assistant curator so she should know.
Pictured here is the pot at the stage I am at now (above). The vine that I am painting is cut in and thorns are cut with a sharp porcupine quill, it is my perfect tool at the moment.

Above picture was taken after 2 days of painting all the species in their windows, I scrape all the black slip away before applying the vines. I know it looks quite nice with the black but that is just the photgraph. My biggest issue now is keeping the thing damp while I finish it. I think another 2 days should see it done.