The Kiln is HOT HOT HOT!

The kiln is fixed. I fired it last night and all the way to the top temperature of 1107 centigrade! It is still too hot to open so I will have to be patient and wait until tonight or tomorrow. Eusebio (the kiln man) came as promised and slunk into the pottery in his incredibly handsome way. He whipped off the back and pointed to the offending wire which he pulled to attention with a tool and that was it, all done, the only business left to do was put the politics of Spain right, talk about his mother and then his inheritance and then his children. Just the usual stuff really.
I re-loaded the kiln switched it on and went to the bar to celebrate. The weather has been beautiful and where before all I could see were broken kilns and unfinished pots now the sight is clear. There are wild flowers galore and the new leaves on the trees. Here, a few photographs of the day…sadly though, not one of the handsome Eusebio!Note to self; I must arrange my lemons and grapes on tins of tuna like this.