The Kiln and the Domino Game

First phase of the copper ray is finished and in the kiln. Along with the square dish (now you have a visual reference for size). And there is the tea pot that I have been laboriously working on all week complete with crazy flora and one B52 bomber aeroplane which you might be able to see if you click on the image to enlarge.

Below is a very rushed shot of the Saturday domino championships yesterday being held in a garage (where else) whilst that poor stoical woman is set the task of mopping the pavement! They know how to treat their women here; she will have a great steaming pile of damp ironing inside and still have to feed the beasts at sunrise. But this is Spain and all is as it should be, having said that I still haven’t swept last weeks landslide up from the bottom of the hill and as I am the only resident under 70 in the street this tedious task does rather fall to me. Rain again today so I can let it build up a bit more yet.