The Pool of Tears

Following on from cosmic order, today I found a cosmic hole! It is only 8 inches across and sticks up from the ground about a foot with a metal plate covering it. Walking up in the hills near my house I came across this man-made phenomenon which is probably something very useful to the village and sounds like it has a huge underground lake at the bottom. “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice as she peered down this long long hole unable to see the end.
Tomorrow I am going back to lower my camping lantern of a 1,000,000 lit candles down as far as it will go, while tied to a bit of string (not me you fool, the lantern) to see what I can see.

“Can you see” click the film to play

“It’s Full of Stars” click the film to playAs you can see the hole is completely fantastic. Now look at this one with a small handful of tiny stones throw down it.

My sister had to clear out our Mothers house today and she put all its heart and soul into a van and said goodbye, it probably is a pool of tears at the bottom of the hole.