Another Jar of Birds

Here are a few pictures of the jar I am working on right now. It is quite big and it is going to the Joze Show in September. The jar is going to be covered in birds and leaves, there will be three or four big birds like the two above. The in the lower branches there will be smaller birds all very brightly coloured. I have an idea for the background but that is secret for now.

In order to work in what is now a very hot 40 degrees outside I am devoted to my industrial catering size roll of cling film which keeps the pot stable for weeks when applied correctly. Nice and tightly with no air. Inside I pop a damp cloth or two into the pot to help with the humidity.
If you ever want to see what I am doing anywhere else apart form the studio then have a look at BLIPFOTO, the link is on the top right of the page and it is a daily photo blog.