Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from the singing cats of Spain! Onward into 2011 I go. Everything being equal I will pass through into 2011 without incident and with all the new designs and ideas that I have been working on this year. Over the last few weeks I have been ordering the sequence of how I achieve everything I intend. I have arrived at a time and place where I able to dedicate a year or more to building a significant body of work. I seriously need a curator to direct the collection towards a selling exhibition, but that is a minor issue at the moment. I am carrying on regardless making large scale floor standing ginger jars on the theme of magic and creation, looking at the reflection of desire that stems from magic. I have always been lost to myth, wonder and fairy lore and even as ordinary life carries on I still tend to be picking flowers that promise immortal life and dipping my fingers into dragon blood. It is this other world that I am working to bring to life now through a series of standing jars, wall works and suspended pieces. The birds were the beginning for me, they were a glimpse into that other world.
I still have several every exciting commissions to complete; I will be showing their development here.
Hasta luego!