Getting Back to Work

Getting back to work after being in England is always difficult. Particularly after parting with so many pots on this trip. I know, it is what is meant to happen, but it is still a wrench when it does and when it happens over the course of a few days it is even more so.

I had an exhibition in a beautiful country house in Sussex where I showed the Lipstick Vase (Painting by Numbers) and the Beetle Jar, both fairly big pieces. They looked amazing in their setting and they both sold to the same collector which was very nice.

I also said goodbye to the Garden Pot above which was privately commissioned and is destined to live in Edinburgh. The Mushroom jar also sold privately and the shell pots went to their new home.

So now it is back to work and to get the slip flowing I have started on  large panel of tiles. These are going to be bright and in your face with the mushroom design. They are going into my little casa in the mountains which is badly in need of some renovation work, if they work as a whole then we will make more for a whole splash back!