First Flight From Nest

So, no sooner do I get my act together and take the in flight photographs, Stan and Steve (the big ones) make their maiden flight and leave flowed by a third (unnamed, poor thing I hope she will not suffer from this stigma in the skies). And I have since seen the three of them and their stumpy tails; they fly only over the house air space it seems, practicing their loops and twirls, I wonder where they will sleep tonight?

The two runt chicks are really flapping scared at the thought of leaving. Mrs. S is doing her utmost to coax them both out by flying past with tasty grubs in her beak temptingly but not landing, it is quite a feat I feel and the two chicks are livid with her.

Up date – I know where Stan, Steve and she with no name are sleeping tonight; back at the nest, they all just returned! BUNDLE MANIA