From the Kiln

I have been potting, but it was quite a challenging week that followed Easter, I lost my telephone line and also the Internet for a few days, I went nearly mad with the lack of radio and resorted to talking to myself in the end. The bird cage pot is in cling film for now, I was too fractious to work on it to be honest. Then to make matters worse I lost all connections with the outside world again on Sunday, I have no idea why, but needless to say I am back on now. We also had a 6.2 earthquake last night, but I felt nothing and most importantly neither did the pots.

In my most lonely moment I rigged up my camera and did a couple of short films in the workshop. Sadly they play back on my camera but not on the download as I need a faster memory card. Ever so funny though, for the UK readers; it’s like Delia Smith with slip! I will get a better card and share these with you soon though.

Jess, is you can see this, the long plate top right is for your table. And the swifts are back in the light well so the nest cam will be back!