The Force Is With Me

The kiln is on.
After major headaches with the power supply an electricista came round yesterday and just took out my 50 amp fuse and gave me a maxi-meter so that I can draw down more power. There has been so much palaver, back and forth to the electric board with discussions, shaking heads and sucking air in through teeth, I am stunned at the solution. It seems it was all so simple, I have a hole now where said fuse was, which is slightly alarming as there is (currently ha-ha) 15 kW cursing through it at the moment.
The kiln is full of cups, mugs and saucers for the house which I made last year and several Christmas presents which will arrive very late now. This is how long I have been out of action. Pictures tomorrow if they are any good and if I survive the day!
It’s a 9 hour firing to 1107 oC, sweltering (lovely word).