Fiesta for San Jose

It is not all work. This week has been fiesta in our village of Fornes. Beginning on Wednesday it is party party party right through to Sunday morning. The events are numerous with everything being raced; horses, bicycles, motor bikes and cars, but not all at the same time. Giant paella feasts are planned and prepared.
However, the fiesta begins with a solemn mass and the carrying aloft of large heavy statues through the dark streets lit with only candles and the air filled with incense (bare feet for those seeking atonement). The whole village follows letting off rockets and the band drums the beat, it is a medieval night to be sure.

In the mornings, and every morning for the fiesta, we are woken by the Mayor with the band at 10.00am arriving with the bread and the fish vans; it is chaos. And remember this goes on for four days! In the evening there is stage show with live music for everyone to dance to. The entertainment begins at midnight and goes on until the last man drops, this has been around 7.00am, but last night they went until 8.00am. Normally this is not a problem, but here the noise level is so high that you get to hear it, wherever you are, and that includes in bed!