Easy Riders

The temperature in Granada hit 40 degrees over the weekend and I am about to reveal another side of me, I don’t just make pots, I can grease a bearing and cut a gasket out of pink sugar paper too!

When it gets this hot there is only one course of action, get out on the bikes and be bikers. A new bikers club opened in the city on the industrial estate Pulianas by the chicken factory (nice). All the dudes were there and lots of bikes too. I took my less nice camera and I am afraid it shows in the pictures but it gives the idea of how it was above.

Picture below of my husband, he gets all the nice shots of him because I am always the one taking them.
Absolute essential maintenence of course.

Of course everything begins so late in Spain and after we spent some time at the new club we went on to a favourate bar El Boliche. This is a great place and full of the most amazing bikes and memorabilia, to find it head up towards the Alhambra and turn off to the right north of the river towards the Sierra Nevada.

I love this little tableau to communication below, not intentionally set up, these little phones rang all night. El Boliche has a lovely atmosphere and a great menu and the most perfect little garden to sit in.

Now if all this is just too heavy metal for you I promise I will get back to the pots postings tomorrow. I have practically finished the phoenix tiles and begin another pot today. In the meantime for something very pretty have a look at Poppys Pretty Place and hello to Poppy. And the eggs have hatched!