The Dry Martini

I have picked up some new blog people, thanks to Leonard Cohen I think, I should tell you now though it’s not all as gripping as the LC post.
You must be familiar with the saying watching paint dry….well watching clay drying is far more spectacularly tedious, even for a potter, there are limits and there comes a point when enough is enough and solace must be sought elsewhere. The damp clay and the storms that have been a-raging in the valley since Sunday have been enough to drive anyone to drink.

Binge-drinking is a scourge of our society…though strangely it never seems quite so appalling when I’m indulging in a very moderate bout of it myself.
On my return flight back to Spain last week I picked up a bottle of Plymouth gin, I had it in mind that I would recreate the ever so sophisticated cocktail I had on Burgh Island on my honeymoon, the dry Martini.
The result is far from perfect; mix martini and gin (so far so good) a green olive (again sounding good) pour into a tumbler resembling a jam jar(not so good). I have now discovered it is all in the container (and the dress and the place).

For those of you who may also be experiencing a recent weather blip I offer you the following.Ingredients:
2 half ounce Plymouth gin
Half ounce dry vermouth
Green olive and or lemon peel