The Drive Back to the Future

I always view this epic drive from Southern Spain to England as back to the future because it is so like time travelling. I leave behind the village and the simple life and head north towards a scary future world of overpopulation and consumerism, hundreds of cars and bright lights that make the nights disappear.
Here are a few photographs of the first leg of the journey through Spain just as far as Madrid. These huge terracotta jars are for olive oil.

And of course the wonderful metal Osborne Veterano bull and the confident blue infill between his tail! You see a lot of these on the way, there are now only 97 in the whole of Spain where before there were 500 all erected in 1957.
From hoof to horn, the bull measures 12.5 metres (38ft), its one- dimensional steel body weighs four tons, but the whole contraption, including scaffolding and foundations, totals 50 tons. They are terrific landmarks – ‘take the second exit after the bull’. Even pilots using the airport at Jerez will tell you they have been known to use the local Veterano bull to line up the runway!