Decorating Stoneware

My daughter may kill me for posting these pots because they are all of her. They are made by the potter and painter Eric James Mellon in West Sussex, England. He is the absolute font of knowledge on ash glazes, his creation of ash-glazed pots that preserve underglaze graphic art is unrivalled. Mind you he has spent over 50 years working on these glazes, he is of course an honorary member of the Craft Potters’ Association.
His book on decorating stoneware is a like a secret alchemy book of spells as he tells us all how it is done, there are no mirrors here, but there is definitely a lot of smoke, I know I have been there and done it with him. My daughter Jessica became his muse in 2006, he paints her whenever he can, isn’t she lucky!

ISBN number 978-0-948765-07-0 Decorating Stoneware by Eric James Mellon published May 2007 by University of Chichester, Bishop Otter Campus. PO19 6PE