Decorating, how difficult can that be?

Two rungs don’t make a right.

Alan and I are getting ready for the Joze Show. This is the end wall in the studio and valuable hanging space so we are painting it white, although this may not be the final colour. After much debate we settled on the mist and paint application method. This involves spraying water in a fine mist onto the super absorbent bricks, add 1 drop of Fairy Liquid to the reservoir (no more or you get bubbly bristles). Then you slap on the paint.
If a job is worth doing then its worth getting the right outfit. Alan is modeling the painter and decorator’s classic bib and brace overall with adjustable reinforced straps, and extra large pouch pocket. I am wearing the versatile apprentice white coat with just two pockets, easy strip popper fastenings and jaunty collar (please note my designer scarf accessory). And one of Alan with Bill the cat. Lovely Bill.