Cosmic forces, order and wheels

I seem to be stuck in England, but at least I now have my laptop back in working order, the wheels have fallen off my car and it is not going anywhere for now. The first delay was caused by the Channel tunnel fire that had such a knock on effect with the ferries, and as I never book, I found my self land locked last week.
I was ready to leave at the begining of the week but I wanted to delay my departure so that I could go the funeral of Derek Davis . A very special potter and painter who I met when I was 19 as a pottery student. I was driving back from the funeral with a passenger (James Stewart of Zimmer Stewart Gallery ) when the very loud crunch came, I at least managed to glide into a garage in one piece where we left it. I am so glad it didn’t happen in France or Spain on the long drive back to Granada.
The Joze show was fabulous, the only photographs I have managed to save from my computer reload are above and below.