The Commission

Is this daunting? Well maybe a bit, but it is also very exciting. These are the tables I am to create a pair of ginger jars for; the tables have been made by Thomas Messel for my client as a special commission.
They are a very fine example of English baroque cabinet making. The mirror is hand cut glass with brilliant cut decoration over modern antiqued mercury silver mirror. The frame is water gilt carved wood. The console was designed to co-ordinate with the mirror and is also carved gilt wood. The carved shell on the console is also represented on the mirror and is an important element of the clients’ heraldry.

The jars are to be 48 cm high and 33cm wide on the shoulder. My estimated date to have them finished is January 2010. I am building virtual jars first, watching them flash across my brain, this way, that way. Writing things down, but not committing anything like a drawing yet to paper. This (by my own past track record) is a good start.