Chihuly in the foyer of the Victoria and Albert Museum

This chandelier is by Dale Chihuly and it dominates in the entrance hall to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is the first thing you see when you arrive. I think Chihuly’s baubles (and I use that word with all it’s loaded irony) are astonishing, but one chandelier is more than enough as seen here. Inside this work is saccharine and lavish and on the same footing as the luxury items in department stores. Outside however the glass comes to life in a whole new way. In 2005 Chihuly at Kew was a major exhibition for the American artist. It was stunning and this is where these works work. Chihulys glass sculpture speaks to me and informs my botanical ceramic work, I love the struggle and dilemma of the site location and the disastrous impact this has, it happens with all applied arts, they need to find their place, and then they work. See the artists site here.