The Cats Cradle

The creative road is a very hard one at the moment and I have been pushing myself to get something out of my stream of consciousness which has been all jumbled up like a TV tuned to 20 channels at once. I think it must be a safely setting in my head. If there is a difficult image in there everything gets layered up so that I can only glimpse it for a moment so I can’t get an emotional overload.

Eventually though I get to compute it. Sometimes it is like this and the only thread of hope is that IF I can break through the pain barrier the results are usually quite good. For months now I have been staring at blank surfaces waiting and trying to work out what was stopping me from working and what am I actually doing here (this is a big HERE by the way).

Anyway there is a crack now where the light gets in. For several weeks now I have been drawing the phases of the Cats Cradle and reconstructing the patterns of its significance in my memory. Today I intended carving the Cats Cradle onto a plate…..the significance of it is achingly vast.

This is what I wrote this morning on Blipfoto after phase 1. See here what is under the paint! First I carved and then as you see I painted over it, the result is above. Not finsihed yet, everything just got way too wet. Talk about over worked – the plate, not me. I feel much better now.

Sorry for the absence!