Bird Tiles

This is one of the latest bird tiles, I am going to be selling these on my new web site in my shop. The site is coming along very nicely, I am driving my husband MAD with trixy requests and facilities that need hours of programming (wife’s prerogative I feel).

The planning for the journey is underway, we need Harley D pannier liners for the bike to max out our packing space.The husband telephoned a shop in Escondidio California and left a message on their answer phone that went like this; Hello, I think it must be quite early in the morning there! I see on-line that you sell felt pannier liners, could you let me know if you can FedEx them to me for Monday? (Now this is the bit that I think will have had the mechanics in stitches) he continued, give me a bell, speak to you later; cheerio! He might as well have said toodle pip. He sounds like a matinee actor at the best of times. Anyway they are not coming, 4 weeks for delivery, so it’s a Tesco plastic carrier bag, one in each side. How will I ever live it down, and we are staying in 4 star hotels on the way back!

You got to check out this Antonio Banderos chap here on Blipfoto