Barn Owl at the Khadi HQ

I saw a barn owl as I sat in the warehouse of Khadi papers yesterday. Khadi headquarters is crammed full of the most fabulous inspirational paper. Added to all the colours and textures are little scraps of things brought back form visits to their paper mill in southern India tucked into corners and leaning against ledges. The Durex sticking tape in the kinky pink box made me smile, the office walls are papered with maps of India, the United Kingdom and a big one of the whole world. There are of course all the post codes that are essential for the delivery of all their papers by mail order and they are an education in themselves, for example do you know where PA is, well its Panama and KW is Kirkwell in Orkney! All very important when to comes to addressing those bundles of paper
Ganesh, the God of improvement looks on as the orders are put together and the Archers plays in the background and let us not forget the white owl swooping by.
The photograph of the owl I have taken from this site the Hampshire Birder’s Blog.