Back to the future

On Friday the 28th we set off for England for 6 weeks driving through Spain and France, we caught a ferry at Calais and arrived in Sussex on Sunday night. The weather was freezing, we had snow in Madrid and in France.
As we left our 20th century village and headed for the 21st century England it felt like we were time traveling for real. But then just before leaving Spain we stopped and found these stuffed rabbits. They are very bizarre, is this really what every little Spanish girl wants for Christmas? It is the most extraordinary take on the Barbie doll I have ever seen, Bun’s with Gun’s at 60 euros each you have got to be a serious collector. Just think of all those adorable little outfits they are so Louis Wain.

Out of the box they are even more impressive! I wish I had got a close up of the little rabbit boots, why boots and no knickers?