Avro Vulcan B2 Bomber

I was sent this story this morning by a friend because he knows I love these aeroplanes, the Avro Vulcan B2. The photo above was taken by John Kelly a tree surgeon who happened to be at the North East Aircraft Museum, with a camera. Click here to see more of the plane which looks like it has taken on a life of it’s own. It is the weight of snow on a museum’s prized Cold War bomber that has left it seemingly frozen at take-off. There is just one Vulcan bomber left flying in the world today, and that single plane has only recently returned to the sky. I saw the last Valcan fly at the Farnborough Air Show in very early 90’s (check out their, link if only for the Bahrain advert and the sound effects). Photo below is by Paul Thornley taken at Goodwood Revival 2009, another great link and a VERY British pursuit.

Can we not talk about the snow here today, as you see the Vulcan has the last word on the extra 6 inches we had last night. However if you are stuck for something to do have a look at Jessie’s word today here, it is hilarious.