Artist of the Week and The Last Kiln Load

About three weeks ago I was sent some questions to answer for the MADE blog to be a featured artist of the week, I enjoyed doing it and the article is now live on the site. This is a great blog with swift uploading so it is well worth a trawl through all the archives in case you missed something.
The last kiln firing was yesterday, I probably should have thought it through a bit better as there was a fiesta in the neighbouring village. I think that they must have had all the available extra electricity because it was one of the most laboured firings I have ever had. It never did make the top temperature, instead I hovered at 1050 for about three hours, conking out every five minutes so the blunt ended instrument was very much in evidence throughout the evening. Having said that the morning has revealed not the under fired disaster I was expecting but a fully glossing pack of pots! The blue is bluer than I had planned but that’s is the trouble with cobalt you never really know how it will come out.