Art in Transit

I have finished all the work for England and it is being packed up now ready for the trip from Spain to The Jonathan Ross Gallery in London the details of which are here.

In preparation for the exhibition let’s revisit how I make the work. The process is probably over complicated by me and it is certainly a long winded making process. Someone said to me when they saw the Mivvi jars all in a row a few days ago, ‘Oh wow and you do this on the computer then stick it on?’ And I suppose it does have that quality of looking somewhat seamless, but really that has just come with years of practice and getting better at it.Every step and process is done by my hand and it begins at the potting stage when I am making the shape. All the jars and vases are hand built with coils, slowly and carefully. The ZOOM 1976 vase below is 55 centimeters high and took me 5 days to make. The painting took me a whole lot longer though! Why 1976? Well, it was a very good summer, but it will mean different things to different people.